Tan Tawan

Frequently asked Questions

What makes Thai massages special?


Traditional Thai massages are performed “dry” without the use of oil.

The client is wearing a special loose clothing, which you will receive directly from us.

The therapist uses her hands, elbows, knees and feet.
The massage is deep and full-body, unless the client chooses otherwise.

If you prefer more oil massages and touch, we also offer massages adapted to European clients, where the therapist uses aloe vera oil or aroma oil of your choice.
Our salon does not offer or perform any other and additional services or tantric massages.

Thank you for respecting this.

Are Thai massages painful?

Relaxing massages should speed up regeneration and give the body a break.

Before starting the procedure, you will fill in a health questionnaire, where you will choose which pressure of massage suits you best (weak / medium / strong).

If at any time during the massage you feel uncomfortable or painful, be sure to tell the therapist to relieve the pressure.

Also, if the pressure is too gentle, don’t be afraid to ask it to “push”


Which massage to choose for the first visit:

On the first visit, we recommend trying the Traditional Thai Massage or the Full Body Oil Massage.
After the massage, the therapist will be happy to recommend what to focus on on the next visit, what type of massage and the length to choose.


Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, book through our reservation system directly here or by phone at 0910 575 020


Should I bring something for the massage?
You don’t need anything special!

In our salon there is a shower or snack bar available to you.

Only you come with your time and enjoy the time dedicated to yourself


How often is it appropriate to go for a massage?

It is ideal to have a massage every week.

However, the intensity is very individual due to time or health reasons.

Our therapists will certainly be happy to help you with this as well


Is it appropriate to undergo a massage during pregnancy?

Absolutely yes!

Pregnant women can be massaged after the first trimester (20tt) at virtually any time until the end of pregnancy.

The massage is performed in bed, adapted to be as comfortable as possible for the client.

During pregnancy, no legs or other reflex points are massaged, which could have a negative effect on the course of pregnancy


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.